Meet the Staff

James Hong, Executive Director. James is a graduate of the University of Washington with BA degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and a Master’s in Education. He served in Cambodia as a Peace Corps Volunteer for two years before joining VFA. Fun Fact: James’ all-time favorite movie is Face/Off.

Tamthy Le, Associate Director. Tamthy graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Social Work. She has experience working with youth in leadership roles, academic settings, and preparing for post-secondary education. Fun fact: Tamthy once DJ’d a high school prom on a boat (not her own)!

Sieng Douangdala, Community Engagement Manager. Sieng is a creative connector, whose background informs her personal investment in servant leadership, human service, and creating the conditions that enables the fair and just inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. Her experiences includes: program management, crisis intervention, continuity of care, and development and implementation of government programs and grants focused on supporting diversity and inclusion. Fun Fact: Sieng has two girls and loves spending time outdoors.

Jess Boyd, Senior Development Manager. Jess grew up in London where she graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies with a BA in Vietnamese and Development Studies of Southeast Asia. Before joining VFA, Jess lived in Thailand for three years, Vietnam for one year and worked with the National Football League creating educational workshops around domestic violence and sexual assault. She has experience in community building and organizing, advocacy, inclusion and gender equity work. Fun fact: Jess is a birth doula and has had a professional Muay Thai fight.

Thu Le, Family Engagement Manager. Thu has taught elementary school students in Vietnam for ten years. She’s also previously worked in retail for eighteen years. As a cultural navigator, she acts as a bilingual liaison between  youth, parents, and schools. Fun Fact: Thu likes to travel, garden, and make clothing!

Alixandria Arthaud, Youth Program Manager. Ali graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Asian Studies. She has experience engaging with youth through various programs including dance instruction. Fun Fact: Ali studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea and loves listening to Korean music!

Lorna Nguyen, Jobs Program Coordinator.

Andrew Strappazon, Middle School Coordinator.

Baeda Agonafer, Volunteer Coordinator. 

Truc Ho, Fundraising Assistant.