Help VFA programs while immortalizing yourself on a cubicle

In a fundraising scheme that many would consider brilliant, the VFA is now accepting naming rights to our work spaces. For $100, you can put your name on a work station. For $500, you can name a staff cubicle. For a mere $1,000 you can name the conference room or the Executive Director’s cube after yourself or a loved one. Just imagine, the “Kevin Johnson Conference Room,” except replace Kevin Johnson with your name. This makes a great gift, and all proceeds will go to programs that build leadership and community.

Let’s face it, life is short, and all of us are on a quest for immortality. People with the means can have their names on buildings and stadiums: Carnegie Hall, the Trump Tower, the Monsanto Lab for Frankensteined Produce, etc. Naming buildings costs millions, which none of us have. However, with only $1,000, you can have your name on Executive Director Vu Le’s cubicle forever. That’s sixteen square feet of immortality, and every time someone passes by, they’ll be reminded of your greatness.

But don’t think you have to name anything after yourself. Naming a cubicle is a great gift for a family member or mentor. Let them know that you care while supporting some really great programs that serve youth and families. This is also a great project for your group of friends. Just imagine: “The Silver Strikers Senior Bowling League Cubicle for Youth Leadership and Community Engagement.”

Once you buy a naming right, we’ll make a plaque and put it in a prominent position. For anything $500 or above, we’ll also have a ribbon-cutting ceremony where you can invite friends and family to witness the plaque setting. If you’re interested, please email Hurry! We only have 7 cubicles, 1 Executive cubicle, 2 work stations, and 1 conference room.

(If you have $5,000 or more, please email us. We might be willing to rename staff…)